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A FugiFilm s700. It is MINT CONDITION, This camera is very good and is perfect for beginer photography. Please contact me for a price. The Camera includes…

1.Fugifilm s700

2.1 Fugifilm s700 Bag

3.1 Lense Cleaning Kit

3. 2 or 4 gig sd memory card..



random people

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Next Meeting – Wednesday, April 2nd

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In lieu of most of the photo club being on a trip today, March 26.  The meeting has been rescheduled for next Wednesday, April 2nd  @ 2:45 sharp in room 119.

 Bring in photos from the People assignment for discussion. 

Art Exhibition

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Ms. Budnick and I will be conducting an art exhibition during parent teacher conferences, April 3&4.  Artwork needs to be submitted to either of us by Friday, March 28th. 

 If you are interesting in exhibiting your work, please speak to either of us as soon as possible.

I look forward to seeing your work displayed !!!!

Under Construction

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Under Construction

Hey guys. We just wanted to let you know that we are currently experimenting with the website and if you see odd changes in the website appearance or function, please email Jon at or Matt at If you are interested in obtaining an email address, once again ask either Jon or Matt and we will set one up for you. The site is being upgraded and moved around, and we are trying to get forums and message boards up and running so that we can have conversations online. As we plan to make this site public, We are going to make a private page for members only. Please email Jon or Matt if you have any questions. Thank you.

Strangers, Photography and Knowing Your Rights

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365 – 139 – no photography

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Ms. Besozzi informed us that this week’s assignment is to take pictures of strangers. She also shared with us some techniques on how to successfully accomplish this, from obscurity to proximity. In relation to this, I just recently received the newest issue of the Photojojo newsletter (a wonderful free and weekly read I might add), which discusses the rights of photographers and what they can and cannot do to get that perfect shot. Since we’re on the topic of taking snaps of strangers, the following tidbit is present:

V. People can be photographed if they are in public (without their consent) unless they have secluded themselves and can expect a reasonable degree of privacy. Kids swimming in a fountain? Okay. Somebody entering their PIN at the ATM? Not okay.

Sounds like the law is in our favor on this one. Basically, you can take pictures of people in public, even without their consent, as long as that photograph does not infringe on their privacy. Easy enough, right? And just to be safe, make sure you print out carry a copy of The Photographer’s Right with you so you have a leg to stand on in case you get challenged. So, take a quick a glance at the article over at Photojojo to learn your rights, and I hope to see many great strangers next week. I hear that one is stranger than the next!


New Website Name

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After a bit of work last night, Jon and I purchased a “dot-com” name for the site. The name we purchased is

Don’t worry about paying me or anything, I got this site for a good deal of only $7.15. After a few more months of the site, I hope to completely switch to dedicated hosting. Many of students in out school have cameras and even if they are not so “talented”, they should join the club. Tell your friends and maybe put up a bit more signs and we could possible have more meetings than every two weeks. With the amount of website experience that Jon and I have, we should have no problem even making a few things I hope for.

1. A photo uploading tool (similar to Flickr or Photobucket) so that we can keep the photos under our name

2. A more organized and larger photo community, not made of only RFK students but of other people

3. A porfolio for each member, consisting of photo’s personal preferences and so on..

Also, I was wondering if the school would be willing to pay any funding for monthly hosting. If not, we might have to a take a small collection of 2 dollars per member to keep it all going.



Next Meeting – Wednesday March 12th

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Assignment:  Eggs….

Suggestion:  Think Still Life using extreme lighting conditions.  For example, bright light at an angle to form high contrast and shadows.

 Be creative.  Think outside the box, or carton if you will…

A Week Of Photos

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Found In Nature

Obstract Portrait

Interesting Texture

Take the time this week to not only compete the assignment, but to work on some additional photos that you find interesting. 

The assignment:  Found in Nature, Abstract Portraits and Interesting Textures. 

Bring you camera with you, wherever you may go.  You never know. 

next meetings date is…..

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 Febuary 27, 2008

after school room # 119